GRILLED KING CRAB Served hot with yuzu ponzu

TUNA TATAKI Seared cubed tuna served with our spicy hybrid sauce

TORI KARA AGE Japanese style fried chicken nuggets

AVOCADO KAMA Avocado topped with shrimp, crab & our special spicy sauce

AVOCADO KAMA EVO Avocado topped with smoked mussels or spicy crawfish & our special spicy sauce

TEMPURA SPIDER Soft shell crab tempura with vegetables

GYU TATAKI Thinly sliced seared filet mignon (very rare) with roasted garlic & ponzu

SHRIMP TEMPURA APPETIZER Two jumbo shrimp & vegetables deep fried in tempura batter

VEGETABLE TEMPURA APPETIZER Various vegetables deep fried in tempura batter 

ESCOLAR KUSHIYAKI Two skewers of cubed escolar rock grilled

ABURI CHASHU Pressure cooked pork belly rock grilled & served with Japanese hot mustard

EDAMAME Soybeans in the pod

CHAMP’S SASHIMI Choice of albacore tuna or salmon sashimi quickly marinated in jalapeño soy sauce (Request from former F1 Superbike champion Kevin Schwantz)

AGE DOFU Fried tofu served with tempura sauce

ANKIMO KOBACHI (Foie Gras of the Sea) Sake steamed monkfish pâté with ponzu

BAKUDAN MUSSELS (Mussels Dynamite) Five mussels on half shells baked with our spicy sauce

SAKE KAMA SHIO YAKI Grilled salmon cheek

IKA NO SANSAI AE Marinated squid salad with wild vegetables

GINDARA SAIKYO YAKI Grilled Alaskan black cod marinated in saikyo miso

HOUSE SALAD Lettuce, spinach, cucumbers and tomatoes with our ginger dressing

SEAWEED SALAD Various types of seaweed & cucumbers

SUPER SEAWEED SALAD Combination of mozuku, hijiki & wakame seaweeds

SUNOMONO Cucumbers and fresh wakame seaweed salad in ponzu with your choice of: surf clam, octopus, shrimp, vegetarian or snow crab

MISO SOUP Soy bean soup with tofu & scallions

VEGGIE MISO Miso soup with seasonal veggies